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although I was burning, you're the only light
Stardust - Caspartine
although I was burning, you're the only light (729 words) by sexyspork
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James T. Kirk/Khan Noonien Singh
Characters: James T. Kirk, Khan Noonien Singh, Alexander Marcus
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alpha!Khan, Omega!Kirk, nurse!kirk, but with no nurses uniform in sight, starfleet had better watch out because Sam Kirk is going to shank a bitch, mentions of Tarsus IV

Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon. -- Dag Hammarskjold

A sorta prompt me thing (but vaguely so)
Stardust - Caspartine
So, gimme an idea, and I'll either write the summary/generally gist of it or I'll make tiny drabble ficlets. And if we're lucky, it might become whole fic. Currently interested in Avengers and Generation Kill, but I could try a few other fandoms if you want (and I know it)

*muses are still dead*

Open letter to the guys at the gas station
Stardust - Caspartine
Just a hint dudes, if you try to wolf whistle at a woman, make sure you can actually whistle. Because it's kinda, really, a tiny bit pathetic to do so and epically fail. Not that I'm judging though I totally am.

And now am on my way to see This Means War, which will be the only Reese Whatever-her-last name-is movie I will ever see voluntarily, but if only to slash the hell out of it, lol. My kinda of chick flick; it has explosions! And Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, both of whom are fucking hot (and would look even hotter fucking *evil grin*)

there's so much left unspoken
Stardust - Caspartine
Title: there's so much left unspoken
Fandom: Generation Kill, due South
Rating: R
Warning: swearing, more swearing, marines being marines, even more swearing
Pairing: Tim "Doc" Bryan/Ray Person, implied Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Summary: In the beginning, there was Ray V. Then there was Ray K. Now there is Ray P.

For nanuk_dain and the amazing Impossible Relationships series that breathed life into this little ficlet.

Unbetaed as always (so horrific abuse of commas and mysteriously changing tenses are all my fault). No offense to the real Doc Bryan and Ray Person is intended as this is a work of fiction based solely on James Ransone and Jonah Lotan's portrayals.

When Tim found Ray at the back of the bar, he's leaning over the pool table, cue in hand as he lined up his shot.Collapse )

Avengers WIP
Stardust - Caspartine
Muses have abandoned me, so thoughts and critiques might help me finish these.


C4, first dateCollapse )


C4, Fury/Natasha; The one where they play superheroes. On A soap.Collapse )


C4, HP crossover w/ guard!ClintCollapse )


This one is for my darling cradle_song, that I need the most help on because I have no idea where it's going.

C4, bondage/sensation playCollapse )



Tra-la-la-la (pay no mind to the girl behind the curtain)
Stardust - Caspartine
So, yeah.


I'm back?

There were so massive family upheavals (though 'were' implies past tense which is so not the case) and me pretty much cutting everyone off and descending into hermitage and then my mom getting worried enough to send my brother (who was the only one I was talking to, at that point) to stay with me for a couple of weeks.


But I'm back, but my muses have died, so we'll see how back I am. :D

Let's turn this into a game of marco polo
Stardust - Caspartine
This is to let my lovely f-list that, yes, I am still alive. Work ate me alive, and then spat me back out for good measure, this week, which is why I vanished. Currently, after driving 9 hours, I am at my mother's for the holiday, and will have the mental capacity to reply to my emails and gazallion messages tomorrow. Ilu all. <3

(guys, I have so many emails in my inbox, I think it might crash. o.o )

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C4 Rec
Stardust - Caspartine
My beautiful and wonderful and glorious cradle_song wrote reach out to my weakness and don't let go as a sequel/companion to to adorn and adore. It has Coulson being a bamf, Natasha being a bamf, and Fury being a badass GQMF. And it has limp!Clint, which is always delicious. She took my, frankly ridiculous, little ficlet and gave it life and backstory and I adore it and will cuddle with it forever and ever, amen.

Also, if you don't read it, a kitten cries.

the tell tale heart
Stardust - Caspartine
Title: aka why Coulson is banned from drinking with Stark
Fandom: Avengers 2012
Rating: R
Warning: discussion of sexcepades, slash, language
Pairing: Coulson/Clint, Tony/Steve
Summary: From following [info]avengerkink prompt:

sacred_karcram: Gen or Any/Coulson - Coulson makes the Avengers blush

One day Coulson is with the Avengers during their drinking sessions. Some of them start teasing Coulson and claiming that he probably is too "innocent" to listen to all their sexcapades.

Coulson proves them wrong by going into detail about one or a few of his exploits and makes ALL the Avengers very, very uncomfortable.

"...and then I fucked him against the glass mirror of interview room B while the camera was going." Collapse )

to adorn and adore
Stardust - Caspartine
Title: to adorn and adore
Fandom: Avengers 2012
Rating: PG
Warning: pervs being pervs, implied BDSM
Pairing: implied Coulson/Clint, implied Fury/Natasha
Summary: From following avengerkink prompt:

Anonymous: [gen] clint + natasha, fetish clothing

SHIELD's research and development crew has a fetish for tight leathery clothing and their favorite agents' assets.

So a tiny bit of my OTP's slipped in there, my bad.

“God, look at his ass.”Collapse )


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